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Listing Options for Your Specific Needs:

Tulsa Flat Fee provides homeowners a low-cost way to get their home on MLS and sell it in a hands-on  manner  with the assistance of Tulsa Flat Fee, LLC.  Keep thousands of dollars of YOUR money in YOUR pocket! 


Your home will receive the same maximum exposure on MLS as those homeowners who hire a Realtor demanding a "fat" 6% commission.  When your home is sold, you owe Tulsa Flat Fee NOTHING!  NO hidden costs or fees and NO listing commission paid at closing.

Tulsa Flat Fee's listing agreement is easy to understand and is transparent.  NO hidden fees or agendas!  Our flat fee service is a one-time upfront fee of $249. 

Your home is published on MLS for 180-consecutive days and you are the contact person.  All showings, inquiries and offers can be delivered to you.  Cooperation commission paid to the selling (buyer) broker is determined by you.  If you find the buyer, NO COMMISSION IS PAID at closing... keeping money in YOUR pocket!

MLS is an on-line service used by Realtors to establish cooperation of compensation among brokers as well as to share information about homes for sell to other Realtors that may have a potential buyer for your home. 


Only licensed Realtors who belong to the MLS and pay the MLS dues and fees are able to list properties.  Tulsa Flat Fee provides a low-cost way to get your home on MLS through our flat fee listing agreement allowing your home to benefit as those sellers who hire a "fat" six percent Broker.

  • Home published on MLS for 180-consecutive days.
  • You are the contact.
  • Home seen on several highly trafficked real estate websites.
  • Detailed description of your home.
  • Up to 24 colored photographs and virtual tour. 
  • Transparent flat fee listing agreement.
  • No hidden costs or fees!
  • Listing documents provided.
  • Broker review of listing documents.
  • No listing commission paid at closing.

Save Thousands of Dollars

How does a Flat Fee Work?

How do I get my Home on MLS?


Flat Fee

MLS Flat Fee Listings: $249

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